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VBScript is short for Visual Basic Script. Visual Basic, as you may know, is a powerful programming language developed by Microsoft. VBScript is a scripting language, a subset of Visual Basic, by Microsoft, intended to be used with Microsoft products.

Like JavaScript it can be run on the client-side, through a web browser and like PHP it can also be run on the server-side on a web server. It is the default scripting language for ASP. On the client-side we can mix it with HTML to make our web pages live and interactive.

VBScript is a prerequisite for learning ASP. A good understanding of VBScript is necessary to do any sophisticated ASP programming.

If you have ever done programming in Visual Basic, you will be able to learn VBScript in no time. There is one down side though, when using VBScript for the client-side scripting, no web browser but the Internet Explorer will be able to understand VBScript code. In simple words VBScript is only supported by the Internet Explorer. We will be using Internet Explorer to run the examples in this tutorial.

Before proceeding to the next lesson(s) make sure that you have:
  • A Computer
  • A text editor like NotePad and
  • Internet Explorer
Also if you need to refresh your HTML, please go through our HTML tutorial for beginners and then come back here.
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