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In the previous lesson we learned about different VBScript data types.

In this lesson we will learn about a very important VBScript data type i.e. String.

Strings are sequences of alpha-numeric characters. In other words any piece of text is a string.

Like numeric values we can also store strings in VBScript variables. To create a string in VBScript, like many other programming languages, we have to surround it with quotes.

Here is an example:

<script type="text/vbscript">
Dim hw
hw = "Hello World!"

When we run the above code, it would output the following:

Hello World!

VBScript String Concatenation
Often in our VBScript programs we need to join two or more string together. For string concatenation we have a special operator in VBScript i.e. &. We can use the concatenation operator to join string variables or raw string.

Here is an example:

<script type="text/vbscript">
Dim h
Dim w
h = "Hello "
w = "World!"
hw = h & w

Here is the output:

Hello World!

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