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Often in our VBScript code we need to share some information with the visitor of our website. Sometimes we need to greet or welcome the visitor.

VBScript MsgBox (Message Box) allows us to pupup a message box, which we can use to greet our visitor or share some information with him.

Creation of a Message Box in VBScript is very easy; we only need to supply the MsgBox function with a string.

Here is an example that pops a Message Box with the words "Hello World!":

<title>VBScript MsgBox Function Example</title>

Here is another example:

<script type="text/vbscript">
Dim h
Dim w
h = "Hello "
w = "World!"
MsgBox h & w


When the above html webpage is loaded into Internet Explorer. It pops a Message Box. In the above example we have declared and defined two variables h and w and then by using the string concatenation operator &, we display the a concatenation of these two variables in a Message Box.

Our VBScript Tutorial for Beginners ends here. How did you find it? Please let us know at pickatutorial@yahoo.com

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