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This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with JavaScript programming language and have manipulated HTML DOM in your JavaScript scripts.

The Document Object Model or DOM, for short, is the model that describes the structure of an HTML, xHTML or XML document and how all elements or tags in the document are related to each other and to the document itself.

DOM manipulation is an important aspect of JavaScript Programming Language and as such jQuery provides us a number of useful functions to manipulate DOM. DOM allows us to navigate and manipulate our documents through a programming language, which in most cases is JavaScript.

With jQuery it becomes very easy for us to work with DOM. We can very easily:

  • Get and set the content surrounding HTML tags.
  • Get and set tag attributes.
  • Get and set CSS classes.
  • Add new elements to the page.
  • Remove elements from the page.

In the coming lessons we will learn how to achieve the above. You will also appreciate the simplicity and ease of use of the jQuery in manipulating DOM.
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