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jQuery is a JavaScript framework or library, containing useful JavaScript code pre-written for us to use in our HTML web pages.

jQuery provdes us ready made JavaScript code that we needed to write for our web pages, before jQuery existed.

With jQuery at our disposal we can accomplish much of our JavaScript related tasks by using different functions from the jQuery library, without the pain of writing JavaScript code ourselves.

Important: jQuery does not replace JavaScript, it just aims at making a web develover's life easy. We still need to learn JavaScript because after all jQuery is written in JavaScript and although jQuerry offers a lot of functionality, it does not and it cannot offer everything anyone needs. Every website has some specific requirements that a web developer needs to take care of himself / herself.

One needs not to be a JavaScript expert to be able to use jQuery, however a basic understanding of JavaScript is very helpful in learning jQuery quickly and easily.

There are a number of other JavaScript frameworks / libraries available on the internet, but jQuery is by far the most popular one.

To star working with jQuery you do not need any extra software. The editor you usually use for editing your HTML and JavaScript is enough.
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