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Lessons JavaScript Events onBlur, onChange, onClick, onFocus, onSelect, onSubmit Bookmark and Share
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In the previous lesson we learned different mouse and keyboard events. We learned to add interactivity to our web pages using the keyboard and the mouse events.

Besides the mouse and keyboard events, we learned in the previous lessons, there are more events available in JavaScript, which we are going to discuss in this lesson.

onBlur event is raised when a select, text, or textarea form item is acted upon and then moved off of by the user. In other words, when the item losses focus the onBlur event is raised.

onChange event is raised when the text in a select, text, or textarea form item is altered by the user.

onClick event is raised when the user clicks the user clicks on an object e.g. button, image, hyper link etc.

onFocus event is raised when a select, text or textarea items is selected on an HTML form.

onSelect event, as its name implies, is raised when some tex in a text box or text area is selected.

onSubmit is an important event that is raised when the submit button on an HTML form is clicked to submit the form data to the web server. Sanity checking of the data being submitted can be performed on the client side using this event.

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