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JavaScript is a browser scripting langauge that runs on the client side. Without the knowledge of JavaScript programming language a web developer's / designer's tool box is not considered as complete.

JavaScript is a very important programming language as almost all websites use it in one way or the other.

JavaScript is a very powerful and flexible programming language and at the same time it is very easy to learn. If you have been using the internet for checking your email or connecting to your friends on facebook etc., then probably you have already seen JavaScript in action. Interacting pop-up-windows, web counters are the examples of JavaScript.

JavaScript is not to be confused with Java. Java is a completely different high level programming langauge, while JavaScript is browser scripting language, used to make our web pages interactive. JavaScript allows us to create new dynamic and interactive things on our website. JavaScript is an interpreted language i.e. the code we write is executed by an interpreter that is built-in the web browser.

JavaScript is an Object Oriented Programming langauge. We can use the predefined objects of JavaScript or, if needed, we can also create our own objects. However, unlike pure object oriented programming languages like Java or C#, inheritance is not allowed in JavaScript.

JavaScript is a loosely typed programming language. The opposite of a loosely typed progarmming language is a strongly typed programming language. Language like C#, Java and C++ are storngly typed languages. In a strongly typed programming language we need to declare the data types of the variables that we use in our programs / scripts. On the contrary in a loosely typed programming language like JavaScript we need not to declary the data types of our variables.

Javescript is a "client-side" scripting language. This means that the code we write in JavaScript executes on the client-side. Whenever a visitor visits our website, having JavaScript code, the code executes on the visitor's machine and not on the web server.

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