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Array is a special data structure in JavaScript that helps us store data conveniently.

Suppose that in our JavaScript program we need to store information about daily temparatures for the whole week, or month, or even a year! If we use variables to store such data we would end up with a piece of code that is untidy, messy and very hard to maintain and read.

For such situations JavaScript provides us with a neat solution called an array. An array is a very efficient and elegant means of storing such data. We use arrays for holding a set of data or values in a single variable name.

The syntax for defining an array is very simple:

var ourArray=new Array();

Notice that creating an array is a little different than creating a simple variable. This is because there are a number of properties associated with arrays. For instance every array has a 'length' property that tells us how many element the array contains.

Code example follows:

<script typbre="text/JavaScript">
var daysOfWeek = new Array();
daysOfWeek[0] = "Friday";
daysOfWeek[1] = "Saturday";
daysOfWeek[2] = "Sunday";
daysOfWeek[3] = "Monday";
daysOfWeek[4] = "Tuesday";
daysOfWeek[5] = "Wednesday";
daysOfWeek[6] = "Thursday";

The above code defines an array variable named daysOfWeek and then adds seven elements to it. We may add more if we need.

The above array can also be defined as:

daysOfWeek = ["Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday"];

We access array elements by referring to their index in the square brackets []. Array index starts at number 0. The following example prints the element at index 0 in the above array:

document.write("Today is "+ daysOfWeek[0]);

Modifying the contents of an array is very simple:

daysOfWeek[2] = "Weekend"; // the third element now has the value Weekend
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