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Exception handling in Java is based on C++ but is designed to be more in line with OOP. It includes a collection of predefined exceptions that are implicitly raised by the JVM. All java exceptions are objects of classes that are descendents of Throwable class. There are two predefined subclasses of Throwable: Error and Exception.

Error and its descendents are related to errors thrown by JVM, e.g. out of heap memory. Such an exception is never thrown by the user programs and should not be handled by the user.

User programs can define their own exception classes. Convention in Java is that such classes subclass the Exception class. There are two predefined descendents of Exception class: IOException and RuntimeException. IOException deals with errors in I/O operations. In the case of RuntimeException there are some predefined exceptions which are, in many cases, thrown by JVM for errors such as out of bounds exception, and Null pointer exception.

Checked and Unchecked Exceptions
Exceptions of class Error and RuntimeException are called unchecked exceptions. They are never a concern of the compiler. A program can catch unchecked exceptions but it is not required. All others are checked exceptions. Compiler ensures that all the checked exceptions a method can throw are either listed in its throws clause or are handled inside the method.
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