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Lessons Basic Text Formatting in HTML 2 Bookmark and Share
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In this lesson we will continue exploring the text formatting capabilities of HTML.

Making text appear BIGGER:
To make your text slightly BIGGER, enclose your text with <big> and </big> tags.

<big>This text is BIG</big>


This text is BIG

Making text appear smaller:

To make your text appear smaller, enclose your text with <small> and </small> tags.

<small>This text is small</small>


This text is small

Super Script:

In mathematical equations we often need super script text. To add super script <sup> and </sup> tags are used.

This text is <sup>super script</sup>


This text is super script

Sub Script:

In mathematical equations, like super script text, we also need sub script text. To add sub script <sub> and </sub> tags are used.

This text is <sub>sub script</sub>


This text is sub script

Centering The Text:

If you need to center the text, simply put your text within <center> and </center> tags.

<center>This Text is Centered</center>


This Text is Centered

Apart from just text, you can make anything (images, tables etc.) appear in the center of your web page by surrounding it with the <center> and </center> tags.
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