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HTML Form Elements:

Text Field:

Text field or text box is used to enter text data. A text field is added to a web page as under:

This is a text field <input type="text" name="text">

The output will be:

This is a text field

Most of the form elements are added using the <input> tag. The value of the type attribute specifies the kind of the element. The name attribute is used at the server-side to access the user entered data.

Password Field:

The password field can be added as under:

This is a password field <input type="password" name="pw">

The output will be:

This is a password field

The password field is the same as the text field with only one difference. When entering data in a password field, the user cannot see it. The data appears as all asterisks (*).

Textarea Field:

The text field is a single line input field. If we want a multiline text input field we use a textarea field. The required code to add a textarea field is as under:

This is a textarea field <textarea name="textarea" rows="10" cols="35"></textarea>

The output will be:

This is a textarea field

The height and width of a textarea field can be controlled using the cols and rows attributes of the <textarea> tag. You can increase or decrease them in order to get a bigger or a smaller textarea field.
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