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Radio Option:

The radio option is used when we need to offer the user one of the given options. The code required to add radio option to an HTML form is as under: This is a radio option<input type="radio" name="rd">

The output will be:

This is a radio option

Select Field:

The select field is like a drop-down menu. It can be added to a web page as under:

This is a select field
<select name="test">
<option>Item 1</option>
<option>Item 2</option>
<option>Item 3</option>

The output will be:

This is a select field
<select> tag is used to define a select field. <option> tags enclosed within <select> and </select> tags specify different options that will be available to the user. You can add as many <option> tags as you need.

Check Box:

A check box can be added to a web page as under:

This is a checkbox<input type="checkbox" name="chb">

The output will be:

This is a checkbox

We use checkboxes when we require the user to choose any number of items from the given list of items.

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