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Usually in our writings, we seperate the blocks of text called paragraphs by adding extra blank lines in between. HTML treats all text as one single paragraph unless we add paragraph markers around each paragraph of text. These paragraph markers produce one blank line in between blocks of text.

The paragraph tag:
Start Tag: <p>
End Tag: </p>

<p>This is first paragraph</p>
<p>This is second paragraph</p>

The result is:

This is first paragraph

This is second paragraph

Note that the browser automatically inserts a blank line between paragraphs.

Paragraph Alignement:

Paragraph alignment can be controlled by using the align attribute. The align attribute takes the values; left, right, center or justify.

<p align="left">Paragraph Left aligned</p>

Paragraph Left aligned

<p align="center">Paragraph Centered</p>

Paragraph Centered

<p align="right">Paragraph Right aligned</h2>

Paragraph Right aligned

<p align="justify">Paragraph Justified.....Note that the paragraph will only justfy itself if it is more than a single line...</h2>

Paragraph Justified.....Note that the paragraph will only justfy itself if it is more than a single line...

Some times we need to have a line break instead of having a paragraph break. In thoses cases we can use <br>. It is a stand alone tag and does not have a matching end tag.

This is line One. <br> This is Line Two.

The Result is:

This is line One.
This is Line Two.
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