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On the internet you must have already encountered with the clickable text or images called links. When you click on these links they take you somewhere else.

In HTML we have two types of links; internal and external. In this lesson we discuss external links and the discussion of internal links is left for the following pages.

Adding External Links:

The external links are defined with the <a> called anchor tag. The target page is defined by assigning the relative or absolute path to the anchor tag's href attribute. Lets see how can we link to the google search engine's home page:

<a href="http://www.google.com">This is google home page.</a>

This result will be:

This is google home page.

The text between the <a> and the </a> is used as the caption or description for the link. The browser normally displays the link text in blue underlined text.

The above is the example of a link to a different website. If you need to add a link to your own domain, you can specify its relative or absolute path to the anchor tag's href attribute.

<a href="http://pickatutorial.com/tutorial/html/thehrtag.htm"> The HR Tag </a>
<a href="thehrtag.htm">Text Marquee</a>

The result will be:

The HR Tag

The HR Tag

Note that both of the links point to one, single web page. The only differnce is that the href attribute of the first link takes an absolute path and the other takes a relative path.
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