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By now you have already learned how to add simple text and image links to your html web pages. In this lesson we will learn how to add email links to our html web pages.

Email links are not different from the normal hyper links. We use the same anchor <a> tag for the email links too. The only difference is the value of the href attribute. Instead of assigning it a web address, we assign it with an email address by prefixing mailto:. As is given below:

<a href="mailto:farooq_fl@yahoo.com">Email Me!!!</a>

The result will be:

Email Me!!!

When you click on the above link, your default email program will open for you to send ma an email, with my email address already filled in the to field.

We can specify the subject of the message inside the anchor tag, as under:

<a href="mailto:farooq_fl@yahoo.com?subject=subject line">
Email Me!!!</a>

We can also add cc recipients and / or bcc recipients' email addresses.

<a href="mailto:farooq_fl@yahoo.com?cc=myfriend@domainname.com">
Email Me!!!</a>

<a href="mailto:farooq_fl@yahoo.com?bcc=myfriend@domainname.com">
Email Me!!!</a>

We can combine the subject, cc and bcc options together by using an & sign at the end of each option, except for the last option.

<a href="mailto:farooq_fl@yahoo.com?
subject=subject line&bcc=myfriend@domainname.com&cc
=myotherfriend@domainname.com">Email Me!!!</a>

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