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Recall from the previous lesson where we learned that the <font> tag is used to control the font face, size and color of the text written between <font> and </font> tags. But, what if you need to control the font properties of the whole html web page. If you are thinking that you would open the <font> tag just after the <body> tag and close the font tag i.e. </font> just before </body> tag, you get full marks. But what if you need to use arial as your html web page's default font, and courier font at selected places. You may still use <font> tag to achieve this, but don't you think that your web page's code would become a bit messier. So, what is the solution?

<basefont> tag solves our above problem. The <basefont> tag can be used to control the font face, color and size of a web page's text. When you use <basefont> tag to set the default text properties, you can always use <font> tag to switch to another font and when you close the </font> tag, the properties you set with the <basefont> are applied again, automatically.

<basefont> tag has no closing tag. In current day's browsers this tag works fine, no matter whereever you use it. However, it is recommended that you use this tag anywhere before <body> tag.


<basefont color="pink" size="5" face="Courier New, Courier, mono">

The above code sets the default text color to pink, its size to 5 and the font face is set to Courier New, Courier, mono.

You can play with <basefont> tag's color, face and size attributes.

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