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Controlling Cell contents:

Next we are going to discuss how HTML controls the contents of cells. First of all we will see how we can align the content of our cells.

This attribute aligns the content of the cell. It can take the values; left, right or center.

This attribute sets the background color of a single cell if used with <td> and it sets the background color of the whole row if it is used with <tr>. It can take the color value as Hex or one of the color names available here.
<table cellspacing="2" cellpadding="3" border="5" width="100%"> 
     <td align="left">Mr. A--Left aligned</td>
     <td align="right">10 Years--Right aligned</td>
     <td align="center">Mr. B--Centered</td>
     <td bgcolor="pink">20 Years</td>
   <tr bgcolor="#FF0000">
     <td>Mr. Z</td>
     <td>60 Years</td>
This HTML will be displayed as:
Name Age
Mr. A--Left aligned
10 Years--Right aligned
Mr. B--Centered
20 Years
Mr. Z 60 Years

Table Nesting:

Tables can also be nested by adding <table> and </table> tags within <td> and </td> tags of the enclosing <table>.

<tr><td>first nested table</td></tr></table>
<table><tr><td>second nested table</td></tr></table>
You can make your tables as complicated as you want. But remember to make them as complex as you can easily handle.
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