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Like Java and C++, C# provides a number of the common loop statements. These include while, do-while, for, and foreach.

The syntax of while, do-while, and for loops is similar to C++ and Java. Basic syntax of C# loops is given as under:

while Loop:
while (booleanExpression)
//repeating C# statement(s)

do-while Loop:
//repeating C# statement(s)
while (booleanExpression);

for Loop:
for (initialization; Boolean expression; update control variable)
//repearing C# statement(s)

You need to remember that unlike C++ the loop control expression must be of Boolean type.

foreach Loop:
The foreach loop was not available in C++. It is used to iterate through the values contained in any object that implements the IEnumerable interface. It has the following syntax:

foreach (variable1 in variable2)
//repeating C# statement(s)

When a 'foreach' loop runs, the given variable1 is set in turn to each value exposed by the object named by variable2. Here is an example:

int[] a = new int[]{1,2,3};
foreach (int b in a)

The above code outputs:

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